To own anything in life, one have to know what that thing exactly is. The life you want to live must be known before you own it.

This is why knowledge is key to everything in life; to salvation, to marriage, to life purpose, to God’s love, to making the right decision, to the authority we have as a person and as a child of God and so on.

So, on this page: we will be enhancing our knowledge on things peculiar first, to our relationship with God and things peculiar to our lives, our society.

An informed person is not deformed. So, stay tuned for #This is it! It promises to be impact filled and you know what?? Its for every one. Welcome to the year of more impact, more life and purposeful living!

Knowledge is Light. Knowledge is power.

#This_ is_ it!




I think it’s best to apologize for the long break taken on this platform. I’m really sorry and I hope I’m forgiven.
Happy New Month everybody. I’m actually excited about this month. What about you? 😍

Today, I want us to finish the concluding part of THAT NAME. If you miss the first part, this is the post here👉

There had been times when I always wonder why my parents named me by the name: FAITH. This was because there was nothing in my life that talked about faith. All my life talked about the opposite of Faith which is FEAR. Everything caused me to fear, from sleeping to eating to traveling to even reading. People call me FAITH since the day I was born, the opposite, FEAR was what my life entailed.

Till that day I decided to start LIVING INTENTIONALLY. Even when fear wants to raise its ugly head, I decided to face it and tell it to its face that I am FAITH. I got to believe that I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God by FAITH. Glory!!

So, what am I driving at? A lot of people bear beautiful, nice names but there lives say or entail the opposite. You see someone called Joy and then you’re like why is he or she not happy almost every time. You meet someone who bears Blessing but she doesn’t feel blessed nor those around her feel blessed.

I’ve come to tell you whatever name you bear, you are to make it what your life entails. There’s no sense in you being called good names while your life is bad. If you know your name is bad or it doesn’t have good meaning (which I doubt), you can deliberately give yourself a good name and you live it!

Whatever your name is, it’s time to LIVE IT! Live it INTENTIONALLY! BELIEVE the name and speak it to your life. Take steps according to such name intentionally. If you’re named after a character of old, take up the strengths of the person and build on the person’s weaknesses. That’s how to live.

As you start living intentionally, you’ll see your name working for you. So what is your name, drop it in the comment box and speak to yourself in that manner. Our names will definitely work for us when we live them!

Thanks for reading, expecting your beautiful names in the comment box😘😘.



Do you know that you can call someone’s name and you’ll not be talking about the person? For instance, I bear Faith but someone might be talking about ‘Faith’ but may not talk about me! I hope you get that.

But THAT NAME, when you mention THAT NAME you talk about the person and everything about the person. THAT NAME is so highly exalted by God that at the mention of THAT NAME every knee must bow and every tongue confess that HE (THAT NAME) is Lord.

THAT NAME is so sacred and unique that there is none other name apart from THAT NAME given among men, whereby we must be saved.

THAT NAME which settles all cases. THAT NAME which secures the future. THAT NAME which helps in the present. THAT NAME which saves from the past. THAT NAME that calms every troubled seas. THAT NAME that never fails! THAT NAME that heals. THAT NAME that delivers. THAT NAME that turns an end to a beginning. THAT NAME that gives hope to the hopeless situations.

THAT NAME that gives eternal life. Endless life is only sure in THE NAME OF JESUS! Produce your cause in THAT NAME and you won’t be disappointed. Go to God in THAT NAME and ALL things are possible! Don’t give up on that challenge, use THAT NAME! THAT NAME won’t fail you.

THE NAME OF Jesus! THE MOST powerful name!

Do you fully and absolutely believe in THAT NAME? Wait, why haven’t you believed that name? Whatever reason it may be, it cheats you from so many blessings you would have had. Drop those reasons and try THAT NAME! I guarantee you the best of life!



This is real, this is me
I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me
Now I found who I am
There’s no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I wanna be
This is me

Many have a lot of great potentials, only a few make something out of it. Hiding your potentials does not make you feel any better, instead what you feel is frustration. Life, without making impact in someone or in the society is not a well lived life.

Start with God. Align yourself with Him. It is only in Him you can be real. Find your purpose and let your purpose find you. Find your voice and let us hear you. There are so many lives awaiting your touch.

Why would you sit down there and do nothing when you know you can do great stuffs? Why do you limit yourself so much that you tag yourself useless? You cannot just live life as it comes, you are priceless. Can you really say you are living purposefully?

What is really holding you down? Is it fear , anxiety about the unknown, or even inferiority complex? But you have to know hiding your face doesn’t even make you better, the result is more frustration.

So why won’t you take the risk to that future you so desire? You don’t have to start big. Start somewhere and start now! Stop living for nothing, do something ! There books yet to be written, lives yet to be mentored, lessons yet to be taught, songs yet to be composed, arts yet to be figured out, designs yet to be born alive.,.., there are a lot yet to be done. Start somewhere and start now!

Let us take this leap of faith together. Let’s start together and you’ll be able to to sing that song above. Its high time to being intentional about who we are. It’s high time we showed the world the real us. It’s high time our voice be heard! It’s high time we said NO to the fear that hold us down.

The world awaits this you! That is #YOU




I’m such a person who doesn’t like trying out new things. I mean I don’t like doing things I’ve not tried before. It takes extra effort to do something I’ve never done before. But how do we get a better result when we can’t try out new things?

I later figured out that the reason why I don’t like trying out new things is because of the ‘fear of failure’. Fear of failure will cause one to stay seated when one is supposed to to rise and try out stuffs.

So, I’ve always had the mind of starting a blog but as I said earlier,  fear of failure coupled with other things wouldn’t allow me. Recently, two of my friends created their blogs themselves and I was wowed.

Then a thought came that I could create a group myself instead of waiting for someone to . I was like I’m studying industrial chemistry ohh, not computer science. I was challenged when a close friend of mine who has nothing to do with computer science created her blog herself.

That’s how I tried doing what I thought I could never have done. I’m so glad and I feel good to overcome fear. What I tried doing is where you are right now. If I hadn’t tried, I would have still been in Era of ‘I wish’. The thing is, what we fear most is not as difficult as we think it is. Though it took extra time and efforts cause I didn’t know anything about it. But it came out well, on the long run. 

Thank God I can tell someone now that; “Yes, you can. You can do anything if you try. Just try, yes you can. Believe in yourself and in God. Overcome the fear of failure and try. Just try it”.

Trying won’t hurt the way you think it will. Just stand from that bed of wishes and start doing something. Try. Yes, you can! Trust me, yes you can! Believe in yourself, yes you can! Have faith in God, yes you can! 


Welcome to this new blog that will change your life and living. I hope you enjoyed what’s up there👆. Stay tuned for more gists and discussions😉. I love you, you should know that.